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Las Vegas Hard Sell Experience

The resort itself and the staff were great except for when you get into the sales experience. Here is my experience.

All of the good that is done by employees is undone when having to deal with the resort sales staff. I called in to make my reservations. I receive a call back in a few minutes saying that there would be “gifts” waiting for me at the concierge desk. I said I did not want to sit in a meeting with sales because of the unbelievable experience we had four years earlier at the Cancun. She said I would not have to and would receive the “gifts” without doing so.

When we arrived we were escorted to the concierge (Renee) who was very nice but told us we only got the gifts if we sat down with a rep to go over our membership. So…we made an appt for the next morning. She told me to arrive at about 8:20 because of the line for breakfast. Our meeting was at 8:30. I was walking out of our room at 8:20 and the phone rang. The rep wanted to know where we were. I said we were on our way over.

After breakfast we met with the rep who gave us excellent information which I appreciated and asked if we could keep a copy of the notes he was writing. He said we would get them with our “gifts”. A point came where the sales pitch was revving up. I said we did not want to purchase anything more. He was quite insistent but I resisted. At that point he said that he would take us to the room where we would get our “gifts” and he was quite condescending.

We were shown into another room with another sales rep who pressured us more. I told him I thought we were only going to get our gifts there and he said “no” and pressed on. I insisted we were through at which point he pointed down the hall and told me I would get the gifts there…I went to the concierge instead and visited with the manager and Renee.

They were wonderful but all of that up front positive regard was out the window when thinking about the condescending behavior of the two men who were not happy that I did not buy into the club more.

Four years ago I honestly thought I was in an experience with the Las Vegas Mafia…this one was almost as bad especially when I was told I would not be subjected to the experience.

AND TO top it all off….the notes I asked for … I was told that because I did not purchase anything more the information was shredded. I had been told it would be with the gifts.

So I was totally lied to. These are the conditions that resulted in my overall impression being so bad.