Calypso Cay Vacation Villas timeshare

Calypso Cay Vacation Villas

4951 Calypso Cay Way, Kissimmee, Florida

A Scammer “Resort” that WILL be reported to the Better Business Bureau – Calypso Cay Villas

If anyone has read any of my posts, you’ll know that my family and I have travelled the world regularly both for business and vacation/pleasure, and we’ve stayed at hundreds of hotels, Air B n Bs, and our preferred mode of stay – timeshare since we’re Wyndham WorldMark owners.

We booked this resort as a phone special for $299 for 5 days in what we thought to be a 3br/3ba in Orlando for our monthly season pass Disney trip in May.

1. The unit that was promised to us over the phone as a 3br/3ba but when we checked in was only a 3br/2ba. Since we’re travelling with 3 total families with 5 small children among us all, not having that extra bathroom is a problem.
2. Of the 2 bathrooms we did have, the ‘master bedroom’ bathroom sink did not drain.
3. To say that the condo unit was FILTHY would be an understatement.
We take off our shoes when walking indoors, and as I’ve read from other reviewers, after an afternoon walking barefoot/socks the bottom of our feet were BLACK!!
Like walking outside on asphalt BLACK .
The unit also smelled like cigarette smoke.
4. When we discussed/complained to the front desk, they were far from hospitable and had THE ABSOLUTE WORST customer service.
Treating your guests with smug condescension is just plain rude, insulting, and unprofessional. What’s even worse, is that when we asked to speak with the manager of the establishment, the summoned a man who had even less professionalism or compassion.
Later the next day, we saw that “manager” again, as he was the timeshare check-in receptionist – integrity is obviously not this company’s priority.
5. On the second day/morning, we informed the front desk that we’d like to check out immediately as we were going to stay out or home timeshare resort (which we love) – Wyndham Worldmark Reunion Resort. The front desk personnel informed us that not only would they charge us $150 to check out 4 days earlier than scheduled, but that if we missed the ‘timeshare presentation’ that we would be charged $350 penalty. So basically, we were being held hostage for nearly $1000 – $299 5 day stay + $150 early checkout + $350 for not attending the presentation + $120 “Resort Fee” (still not sure what this is)
6. We checked out any way that same day and checked into our Reunion Resort 8 miles away. We simply didn’t tell the Calypso Cay front desk that we left, so that we wouldn’t get charged.
7. We then obviously attended the $350 timeshare presentation our last day in Orlando and voiced our nightmarish experience – to which they were absolutely NO HELP at all. They simply continued on with their sale presentation knowing we wouldn’t even consider purchasing at this property. They had the audacity and nerve to stress that their “main resort(s)” are in Cancun, and that they are only affiliated with Calypso Cay as a presentation location and that it’s a “marketing company” that manages the properties.
I’ll be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau shortly as this company’s business ethics are blatantly malpractice.