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Family vacation gone bad!!!!!!

I started planning this vacation to Virginia Beach a year ago for my son’s family, my husband and myself! If you have travelled to VB you know rooms are at a premium and family rooms on Boardwalk are hard to find, not to mention expensive.

So I booked and paid one days advance deposit January 1st, $854. I called 5 days before we left, July 22 to confirm the reservation. They ASSURED me there was no problem! 2 hours before we arrived the property manager, Chevella (I’ll be respectful and not use her last name) called me ( and yes I said 2 hours before ARRIVAL!) and told me we didn’t have the room I reserved 6 MONTHS ahead of time!! They had another with one bed and sleeper sofa (there were 6 of us!) she said we should be able to fit! I told her NO, find us another room or two if necessary!

She apparently attempted, but couldn’t. So I had them hold the room til we arrived. The room was totally unacceptable!! No way could 6 people fit, not to mention the toilet was open to the entire bedroom, so if you needed it, everyone would have to go into the living area so you could go!!


The vacation we planned for a year, ruined just like that!! I went downstairs and demanded ALL my money back and we were left scrambling to find other accommodations and had to stay separately to do so!!!!! I am still waiting 5 days later to get ALL my money back!!!!!!!! Ridiculous!

This property is beyond poorly managed!! They should have had to find us and PAY for our other accommodations!!! I can’t even get all my money back 5 days later!!

I will be calling the Virginia beach travel association and will send letters and emailed letting anyone and everyone know what kind of property this is!!!

SHAME ON YOU for ruining and making vacation stressful for hard-working teachers and social workers from Missouri!!!!