Bluegreen Vacations Fountains, Ascend Resort Collection

So disappointed

I gave Bluegreen every opportunity to make things right with me before posting this review and so here it is.

I bought a 3 night stay through Bass Pro last year and just now got around to using it.

First off the sales lady at Bass Pro told me it would be a 3 night stay in a resort but when I called to book I was told it was a partner hotel, not a resort!

I was informed if I paid an extra $180 I could upgrade to a 3 night resort stay and so I did. I also added an extra night to make the stay 4 nights versus 3 for an extra $149 plus tax. I was told I was getting a 2 bedroom platinum with a jetted tub in the master and it was a better size for my family.

When I got to the resort and walked into the room, I realised there was no tub in the master period. I called the front desk and was informed I was placed in a 2 bedroom standard and that’s all they had available and so I couldn’t even be moved to the proper room. I paid for the platinum and that’s what I expected to get.

The first time the master bathroom was used it was backed up and needed to be plunged. The dishwasher never turns off, the wifi didn’t work for first 2 days we were here either. Timeshare presentation is longer than the 2 hours they tell you it is but the sales guy was very polite and a sweetheart.

I called Bluegreen customer service but they couldn’t care less about the way I was lied to twice.

I am in the market for a timeshare and planned on booking and buying with Westgate but the lady at Bass Pro insisted I try Bluegreen.

I should have went with my instincts. I could have gotten 7 nights with Westgate for cheaper then what I paid for just 4 with Bluegreen and I would have actually gotten the villa I paid for and was told I was being placed in which has the amenities that I prefer.

Their villas are certainly bigger and there is more to do on their property. Had Bluegreen attempted to make things right with me I would have felt better but I am checking out tomorrow and am fairly certain I will stay away in the future even though I do like their point system.