Timeshare Release - BlueBay Beach Club Complaints, Claims & Compensation

BlueBay Beach Club

Came back again, sad to say nothing has changed.

I visited Blue Bay Beach Club last year and wrote a review, afterwards management replied and said my feedback would be passed on to management but nothing has changed. As always I like to state the good things about the hotel, the rooms are spacious, the grounds pretty and the pool area very clean. However, this hotel/timeshare is let down by its rooms and its part transition from to a hotel from only being a timeshare.

The rooms are clean and tidy but there have been no real upgrades since it was built. There is only air-conditioning in the bedroom with only one wall fan in the rest of the room. This makes it very hot during the summer. As the hotel is still a timeshare you only get maid service 5/7 days a week and towels 3/7 days a week. For those paying peak school time prices for the rooms this does not align with its 4 stars. The pull out sofa bed/settee is awful it is dated, missing cushions and my mothers had rips and tears in hers in a room with no air-conditioning. The room also has a small Non-HDMI TV which charges you extra for all channels except news and a few others. The picture is was also poor quality with a lot of interference. Charging customers for TV with much less channels than Spain’s own free digital TV network seems unfair and were I Spanish I would be upset not be able to get even the free Spanish Channels. The hotel also charges for Wi-Fi which is expensive and according to my signal quality tests using my phone in my room quite poor.

The hotel offers a half board dining plan at 15 euros per adult or 12 euros for residents. After the third night, I cancelled my dining plan and ate out for the rest of the holiday. I found the dining plan to be very repetitive – there are only so many times I can eat Turkey, fish and fries. If you are ok with the same food then this may be fine for you. On a note to the hotel the sausages provided at breakfast are poor quality English chip shop ones, the sausages on the mixed grill were much better.

I know the hotel reads these reviews but I sadly I don’t see any action to improve the rooms and the hotel charges customers a lot (I have seen 90 euros + a night for a quality this is just not there)

For a hotel on the top of a hill in an area with a rocky beach, it needs to work harder to attract customers. The area is quiet when compared to Maspalomas and feels safe for families. However given that its nearest competitor the Hotel Orquidea has free Wi-Fi, TV and was recently renovated I can’t justify the cost of staying here with the Orquidea so close and at the bottom of the hill.