Blue Sea Callao Garden Timeshare Resort

Nice View, Shame About the Place.

A group of four of us stayed here in two apartments for a week in September 2017, and to be completely honest, “for us that was long enough.”

Firstly I would like to start with the good points.

  • The weather.
  • The bar and restaurant staff.
  • Its close proximity to local restaurants.

Now, unfortunately, I find myself already at the bad points.

Firstly, although the brochures generally state that it is not suitable for people with walking difficulties, fortunately, none of us have any, but you almost need the climbing ability of a mountain goat to navigate your way around the complex. Using a wheelchair would be difficult to say the least. Carrying babies in buggies up and down the mountain of stairs looked to be a real challenge. Also the hotel grounds are surrounded by derelict areas on two and a building site on the one.

Our accommodations were riddled with damp resulting in fungus growing on the walls and plaster falling off on a daily basis. The bath in our room had been painted so many times you could measure the thickness of the peeling paint. This was hidden by a bath mat that had seen better days! A child could easily cut their feet in this bath!

Why did you stay in those rooms I hear you ask? Well just after arriving we went back to reception to be met by who we assume to be the duty manager; she was dressed more business-like than the regular reception staff. Although none have a name badge. We explained our distress only to be answered by “we are fully booked, what do you want me to do?” We discussed it for a short time but she was as helpful as an ashtray on a motorcycle. We pointed out a number of vacant rooms (that remained that way all week) but she again said “we are fully booked, what do you want me to do?”. We asked “do we have to put up with it then?” she said “Yes!”

So we had to make the most of it, after all it was to be our base for a week. There was no air conditioning (the brochure [Love Holidays] said there was). There was a €1 per hour charge to watch the TV (the brochure [Love Holidays] said there wasn’t). The fan in the living area made so much noise and wobbled so much we were afraid to use it. Open the terrace door we thought, well after having to give it a swift kick at the bottom to free it from its jammed position every time we wanted to open it , we could go out on to the terrace to enjoy the pool view. Well at least we could have done had the tree been trimmed back, still, on the bright side, at least it kept the sun off of the terrace .
The rooms were very tired and shabby and the sofabed was stained. Cupboard doors were loose and one room had no phone (the brochure [Love Holidays] said there was).

The ground staff would start work at 7am every day and were not the quietest of workers, especially when they were doing the landscaping outside the rooms.
The drinks were always served in small plastic cups, there were no snacks outside of restaurant opening times and the local alcohol was not the best variety I have sampled, although the beer was labelled as San Miguel.

Restaurant food was very repetitive, chicken on every menu (except breakfast) and always a pork dish. Always chips, mash was only served once and no other potatoes offered. Pasta and a sauce plus rice on every menu (except breakfast) and not many vegetables.

Some of the sunbeds have seen better days and were so saggy they were more like floor standing hammocks, but to be fair the pools were very clean. The parasols were unlocked at 10am and put away by the lifeguard at 6pm sharp.

I know this has a three star rating but I have stayed in many hotels that were also three star rated but they would knock the Blue Sea Callao Garden into a tin hat.

If this were a Channel 4, (UK TV Channel) Four in a Bed (TV Programme) review, it would go something like this:

  • How were the staff at the Blue Sea Callao Garden? Most were very nice but that female reception manager needs some training in people skills and how to properly deal with serious issues.
  • How were the facilities at the Blue Sea Callao Garden? Reflective of a mountaineering exercise. Restaurant and bar clean but terrace has a lack of seating for a hotel of this size.
  • How cleans was the Blue Sea Callao Garden? Our rooms were a disgrace! The cleaner only visited twice in the week to make up the room and change the towels.
  • How good was the entertainment at the Blue Sea Callao Garden? Poor to say the least.
  • How was the food at the Blue Sea Callao Garden? Repetitive and to be honest we had had enough by day four and ate out for the final three nights. We were not alone; many of the local restaurants had customers wearing Blue Calleo wristbands. Breakfast was the best of days offerings
  • Would you stay at the Blue Sea Callao Garden again? No