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Saddened by Slipping Standards

As a luxury lodge owner for 10 + years and having visited all but one of the years, I feel saddened to see standards dropping- this seems to coincide with change of ownership from DeVere to QHotels…..

So I arrived on a Sunday into lodge 30 to a kitchen where all the cutlery was thrown into the drawer (as opposed to meticulously arranged in previous years) and worse of all a kettle that was thick with lime scale and not suitable to be out in what is otherwise a decent kitchen. Some of the crockery is chipped and still out for use.

The welcome pack is minimal and from what was in my pack the welcome drinks don’t exist as there was no mention of it in the pack.

The transformer in the main bathroom made a buzzing noise every time the toothbrush was plugged in.

To make matters worse, no courtesy call was received on Monday morning to check if all was ok, and Viktoria said head office has stopped this.

The main bedroom bed needs attention as the mattress is worn and the bed creeks with every turn.

Worse of all I provided feedback to Viktoria who sent a generic apology email without addressing any matters and yet she has failed to get ‘head office’ to contact me.

Such a Shane that standards have slipped at the same time as when ownership has changed, the old manager has moved on and the new has not started and cleanliness standards have dropped with the head of housekeeping retiring.

And all this for an increasing annual management fee year on year. No wonder know go at least two friends who are lodge owners and they have sold off already.