Bell Rock Inn Timeshare by Diamond Resorts

We are currently staying at the Bell Rock Inn in Sedona as my aunt gifted us with her timeshare and exchanged it through Interval International.

We had high hopes when coming to this place, but have been extraordinarily disappointed in the accommodations, service and personnel.

Bell Rock Inn is in poor condition and if this is an indication of their timeshare offerings, we will never be interested in purchasing one. They charged us $275 to stay here on top of the regular fees, plus, charged us $15 per night for a 10-pound dog that does nothing to harm the place and as a reward for those fees, we are stuck in the worst room in the place. we are in a run down studio with a broken kitchen faucet, spiders and earwigs in the room, a broken down mattress that has given both of us back trouble, electrical issues with outlets and lamps not working or sparking and scaring me, squeaking bathroom door, no seal in the window near the bed, resulting in my husband getting sick because of the drafts; a chair sticking out near the bed because the chairs don’t fit under the table–causing my husband to cut his toe on the chair leg. The Internet is painfully slow and the dishwasher does not clean the dishes.The room only gets cleaned one time per week–we have to ask daily for towels, dishwasher detergent, shampoo, soap, etc because no one thinks that we might need those items on a regular basis. No one gives us garbage bags either and I guess we take out our own trash–it is basically a self-service hotel and we pay for this.

When my husband called about the housecleaning, we were told that no one comes in here again because “you are only here for a week.”

We had also talked to the front desk clerk on Monday to complain about the room issues and were promised that someone would be here the next morning to take care of them. NOTHING was done and we are treated very indifferently. We called and asked for a manager to contact us, but no one has done so. Someone named Carrie was supposed to call, but she must not care for her guests. We have stayed in a timeshare in Hawaii several times and never once were treated in such a horrible manner–they were accommodating and happy that we were staying there. The only plus about this place is that the housecleaning staff members are very friendly.