Beachwoods Resort

Beachwoods Resort Timeshare by Diamond Resorts

A Huge Disappointment

We are Diamond Platinum members, and we purchased an additional Diamond Sampler package to try some additional Diamond Resorts. Because of its location on the North Carolina Outer Banks, we decided that the Beachwoods Resort might a good one. What occurred after that was a nightmare!

We paid 9500 sampler points for a three bedroom unit with a loft. When we arrived, we found out that we had been moved to a first floor unit with no loft. Because of the thin walls and floors, this would mean that we would have to spend our week listening to neighbours running around above us. This is what we SPECIFICALLY spent extra points to avoid.

When we asked for another unit, we were told that the only available unit was a two bedroom one with a loft. We were assured that this unit was not adjoining. This was not true. In the living room of this unit were paper thin adjoining doors which made it possible for us to hear all talking, coughing, TV noises, flatulence, etc. generated by our neighbours.

To have any privacy, we were forced to whisper whenever we were in the main area. We were told that our room had originally been changed without our knowledge because we requested handicapped accommodations. We have no recollection of asking for them. In any case, we were not notified that our unit was being changed prior to our arrival.

The unit was clean and everything except the DVD players (there were 3; 2 did not work) was in working order. It appeared that the kitchen appliances were all relatively new. However, the furniture was old and obviously worn out. The master bedroom mattress and overstuffed furniture all sagged. At least, however, the unit was clean (or so we thought). On the morning of the third day, we were greeted by LARGE ROACHES in both of our bathrooms! We would have reported them, but since we were already so dissatisfied with our unit, we decided instead to leave.

The desk clerks were completely unhelpful, and the checkout desk clerk kept my wife waiting at the front desk for fifteen minutes before she bothered to come out of the back room. 3 other staff members informed her that my wife was waiting for her, but she only came out to help after my wife knocked on her door. The desk clerk obviously did not want to be bothered.

Beachwoods Resort is absolutely the worst experience we have had with Diamond Resorts. We left four days early because we did not enjoy any of it. Under no circumstances will we ever return to this resort.