Timeshare Release - Barnsdale Lodge Complaints, Claims & Compensation

Barnsdale Lodge

Disappointing stay and dining

We stayed at the Barnsdale Lodge on Saturday evening – a property that we have stayed at least three times before but after a very disappointing stay will probably not be returning again. We booked the room via Booking.com after being advised by one of the hotel team that the same rate would be applied (even though they would pay commission) and that if we were travelling with our dog to request a ground floor room.

Upon check in we were told that the restaurant was full and that we would be unable to dine and when we arrived at our room – number 28 was surprised to find that we had been assigned what looked like one of the oldest and most dated rooms and nothing at all like the images on the hotel’s website or booking.com.

The room was also clearly a room for disabled travellers as there was a very old looking shower with a plastic chair and a walking frame over the toilet. The furniture was old and worn, carpet the same and the overall appearance of the room was very poor.

After some debate with the restaurant manager, we were given a table reservation for dinner at 8.30. Would certainly not return. To say the portions are meagre and not value is not an understatement. We paid 8 pounds plus for a portion of calamari/squid for a starter and we literally received three small rings no bigger than a 2-pound coin. Bread was placed at the table with no explanation to its flavour, service was generally slow and un-friendly due to the restaurant being very busy I expect as on past visits dining was a highlight.

Breakfast was a very similar lack-lustre service and when we arrived at 9.40 most of the continental buffet table was empty and our table had no set-up. We had to ask for cups to serve coffee and cutlery with which to eat.

Poor and very disappointing and would certainly not re-book nor recommend others to book.