Barefoot’n Resort by Diamond Resorts

Old, dirty, poor maintenance, worse timeshare experience

Tried to book at West Gate via Facebook/ I am a single woman, so BookitVIP said I could have a 3 night offer at Barefoot.

I was scheduled an inconvenient time for the Timeshare presentation. I fussed and eventually was able to get an earlier time, but was unable to change to 2 other preferred days, since no one works then.

The suite. 1 bedroom. Kitchen/bathroom nice and overall spacious. Living room furniture dated. All carpet sticky… wore flip-flops.

Wooden moulding cracked, bedroom ceiling fan squeaky and no maintenance on site to fix.

The worse was the sofa bed.

The mattress was urine and other stuff stained and no mattress pad cover. Was able to get one, once requested. But, was super grossed out. 3rd-floor balcony nice, but the view of woods and garbage plywood.

Not very impressed and could not imagine why anyone would intentionally buy here.

Oh…front office staff.

The 1st girl at check in’s favourite phrase, “I’m sorry, I don’t know”.

The second day, waiting for presentation, receptionist taking personal calls and other girl ordering cupcakes for her daughter.

Not that I care, but the office was a mess and both making personal calls.

I thought that was just odd. I know at other resorts in town, professionalism is on point.

In the end, you get what you pay for.