Timeshare Release - Bahia Feliz Gran Canaria Complaints, Claims & Compensation

TUI FAMILY LIFE Playa Feliz Apartments


Food was terrible, no sunbeds, bugs everywhere

I have never stayed in a hotel with food as bad as this, despite all the glowing reviews.

The food was mainly cold, had flies everywhere, monotonous, chewy meat, chicken nugget meat for kids was brown, ketchup always empty. The fizzy soft drinks tasted cheap, the coffee was awful – even from Thea’s coffee shop the milk tasted like long life, and cost over 3 Euro’s. Once we ate out at the El Toro grill & the Chinese we didn’t want to go back to the restaurant again. Cost loads more. Avoid if you enjoy respectable hot quality food. This hotel is not for you.

Moving on, there were bugs on the floor and walls in our room, which we complained about but they kept coming back. The beds had mattress toppers which kept moving, very annoying. The shower’s temperature changes from set heat to boiling hot to freezing cold for no apparent reason. Not great for my 11 year old daughter.

The playa feliz has more or less no evening entertainment, just movies near Theas coffee shop – and we were told we couldn’t take AI drinks over there! What?! The neighbouring Orquidea was mental, couldn’t get a seat for evening entertainment unless there early. No happy medium. No beach, just dangerous moving rocks to walk down to.

To top off an already very disappointing holiday experience my husband fell up the steps from the shop as they were wet. No signs up, first aide was useless. Had to get my own ice from the bar – and an controversial barman said he had ice but no bag!! I said I need a bag as my husband has fell up your wet steps and has to put ice on it. So he then, with a proper difficult attitude got a massive bag of ice, sliced it at the top & emptied half of it into his freezer and plopped the bag on the bar. No need for that at all!

Would most definitely not recommend this hotel. Others we were talking to had the same views re the food/no happy medium/no sun beds etc