Azure – Golden Sands Resort & Spa

Azure Malta’s resort, the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Malta Golden Sands

Old and outdated, need of serious refurbish

They market themselves as 4/5 star resort, and that’s what I compare them to if they would have marketed themselves as a 3-star resort the rating would have been higher.
But now they have created an expectation of a 5 star.

  • Some examples:
  • Poor ventilation forced us to change rooms as first room took in kitchen odour from other room and smelled like an Indian restaurant,
  • Noisy ventilation and ac, you cannot have the ac on at night’s cause of the noise, and it also passes from adjacent rooms.
  • Both rooms had broken floor tiles in the bathroom that was poorly fixed, leaving sharp edges.
  • Rust and mould in the bathroom
  • Hangers in the bathroom was loose on the wall, they had used tape to hold together parts of the shower
  • Beds are really old and need changing unless you like to sleep in hammocks.
  • Smallest TVs I have ever seen in a hotel.
  • I have never seen such a minimalistic gym in any 5 star resort
  • Food was ok but overpriced, hotel restaurants felt like being back in school.

Overall service needs to be improved both from restaurant and hotel staff, to match what they are marked as.

An example in preparations for an excursion, they said that they had tried to call us.

However, we did not have a message on the phone nor any missed call on the phone or not even a note in the room, so it makes you wonder at what levels they put their effort, this almost made us miss our trip unless we had made a follow up ourselves.

So if you expect a 2/3 star facility and service, you will be ok, but if you are used to and know what 5 star means you will be disappointed.

Otherwise, nice pool area, but no heated outdoor pool.