Azure - Golden Sands Resort & Spa

Azure – Golden Sands Resort & Spa

Don’t bother with Azure promotion

1. V uncomfortable 2.45 mins. Said no, rep knew we couldn’t afford it. Kept pushing anyway. The whole time.
2. No allowance made if you have small kids, our 4 year old was forced to sit on a chair for whole presentation. They expect you to shove a phone in front of them. Not family friendly.
3. Awful sales room, felt so sorry for all the poor couples getting the hard sell everywhere you look.
4. Deal is a rip off. £21k plus 9% interest repayable over 25 years. You still have to pay for flights and accommodation on top.
5. Our studio room was not 5 star. No modern coffee machine, or mini bar, or any mod cons you’d get in other 5 star hotels. Was worth the money we paid for it with the azure promotion, not the full Radisson rate.
6. Hotel v dated. Prices v expensive for meals. What you save on the room you make up for in cost of meals.
7. Both my husband and I felt awful after the sales pitch. How dare they interrogate our finances just so they can sell us a product. It is none of their business and I will never take a timeshare promotion holiday again. I feel bad for not wanting to spend £21k with them, how is that right??? It ruined the rest of our day.
8. They come up to your room. They phone your room. They leave you notes. They want a follow up appointment.