Timeshare Release - Aucanada Club Complaints, Claims & Compensation

Aparthotel Ona Aucanada Timeshare


This resort is located in a pleasant part of this lovely island, the three swimming pools are excellent, some units have sea views, the staff are friendly and helpful, especially Maria and Fabricio in Reception, but that is just about where it ends.

Our apartment was sparsely furnished with a poor level of comfort. If all apartments are similar then the management have not recognized this is the 21st century, they should be embarrassed. The kitchen looked to be new-ish but there is no dishwasher, the amount of cutlery is nowhere near sufficient, the kitchen tools are primitive. Two of our saucepans were just about hanging on to their handles, the spoon part of a large already damaged and burnt kitchen ladle fell off. Instead of replacing these items with new, they were returned to us after being cobbled and glued together, perhaps indicative of management’s overall attitude.

The balcony had four uneasy plastic chairs, three white and one black, no cushions, enhancing the impression that nobody cares much. There was a mirror in the sitting room but not in the bedroom! All the furniture is basic and tired.

Wifi? Yes, if you pay…..in 2017!! Worse it covers only one gadget so it is either the tablet or the cell phone, not both at the same time!

We know a little about vacation rentals, we had holiday rental apartments and villas until we retired in 2012.


From 2001 we provided free internet connection/ wifi, nothing unusual in that, just the norm. We also had the belief that rental accommodation should be at least as good as vacationers enjoyed at home, preferably much better so there is a “Wow” factor when they open the front door. Aucanada Club comes nowhere near this. Alternatively, if Aparthotel Ona Aucanada is to be judged by timeshare standards it is a long way behind the standards we have experienced over our 40 years of travelling the world. .

Might we return? Perhaps, if Mallorca does not offer the choice of anything better.