Atlantic Garden Beach Mate

Atlantic Garden Beach Mate

Politely put, we won’t be returning

I stayed with my family in October 2017. We were woken up every morning by a workman using power tools who were doing refits on the surrounding rooms. The staff made no attempt to warn us of this. First morning while I was changing in my room I came eye to eye with a workman pushing a wheelbarrow across our terrace. They talked and yelled and smoked all around us for entire stay.

Our room was one that had been recently refitted and was freshly painted.

The bathroom was lovely (they must have forgotten or couldn’t afford shower shelf…)

The kitchen had everything except a coffee machine. Living room and terrace were nice although our terrace was facing a wall and quite busy road so no view as such. The beds in the main bedroom were MONUMENTALLY uncomfortable. Made from cheap metal frames that squeak and groans and wakes you up when you move and a mattress that was something akin to a mattresses topper. Completely exhausted and achy during the whole stay due to lack of sleep and lying on the cheap hard lumpy bed at night and being woken by power tools.

One of the days the cleaner came and took all our towels and didn’t replace them. When I went to reception to ask for them the staff were very reluctant to hand them over because the ones they kept on reception were for “emergencies” What a towel emergency is I never found out. But I had to really insist she give me the towels.

The grounds are lovely if a little complex, easy to get lost in and poorly signposted. (there was a signpost outside our room the pointed to our room being in a different direction) There are nice friendly cats everywhere which staff advise you don’t feed. Some less friendly cockroaches, but the room comes with a broom so they are easy to deal with.

Good to see a lifeguard at the pool but he knocked off a 6pm so pool was then closed.

All the staff could use a little training in how to speak to customers like they aren’t just some annoyance. They were almost all rude and dismissive.

Overall it was a fairly unpleasant experience we tried to make the best of.