Timeshare Release -Atlantic Club Campanario Complaints, Claims & Compensation

Aparthotel Atlantic Club Campanario Calahonda

Avoid…The apartment was broken into, poor security…unsympathetic staff…average accommodation

We are due to fly back shortly after a 10 day stay here.

The apartment isn’t great but we made do with it. There has been no efficient air-con despite them coming out to fix it (it was trickling near a plug socket of all places). The kitchen looks like something out of the 80s. Kitchen Door fell off (although this was fixed fairly quickly). The swimming pools are its saving grace in some respects along with the Scandals restaurant bordering the resort. I was going to give the place 2-3 stars, however, one incident in particular and how they have dealt with it means it gets one.

We had been out for the day as a family to Mijas. I returned with my three year old twin daughters to find that our apartment had been pillaged, possessions and clothing strewn all over the place. Before you say it, YES we had locked up (despite the manager – Francisco – implying that we had). The thieves took a couple of IPads and jewellery and that was largely it…thank goodness.

What shocked me about this place is the lack of BASIC SECURITY. There is no working CCTV on site; this is something I cannot grasp in this day and age. Which means there is literally no chance of identifying the culprits. Also, the only way into the resort, as I understand, is through the reception. The concerning thing about this is that there isn’t always someone manning it. I’ve been past there on occasion and there was no-one there. I suspect they will say that they are in the back office but that means you’re not keeping a close eye on who is coming in and out.

So, we have two problems: no CCTV, and no way of hotel staff identifying who is coming and going from the premises….worried?? I would be if I were you.

Now, this is an opportunity for the hotel to show compassion and advise what steps they will take to avoid this in future right?? WRONG…

Having reported the break-in at reception, I was hastily asked to come into the back office so as to avoid making a scene and worrying other guests. Francisco tried to report the theft on my behalf but I was advised I needed to go to the police station and report it in person. Francisco came to see the apartment and said he will do everything he can to support….

Francisco offered us a top floor apartment (as we asked to move). This was not fitting given the amount of marble floored stairs etc with two young children. They said there wasn’t anything else they could offer for 2 days…

After I had a trip to the police station to report the event- only thanks to a friendly local who helped translate to the police on my behalf and €50 round trip to Fuengirola (you’d have thought the hotel would’ve at least paid for the taxis as a nice gesture) – I’ve not seen or heard from Francisco since. I spoke to him on the phone on my return from the station and he said he would be in the office the following day as I wanted to make a formal complaint. My step mother who was holidaying with us, had to go to the reception anyway the following morning to report the broken kitchen cupboard door…Fransisco wasn’t there

Now, correct me if I am wrong but if a guest of your hotel/resort had been the victim of a crime like this you’d think they would make it a priority to make us comfortable but also to take action to ensure the safety of other guests?? Well, we haven’t had anything to that effect thus far. I believe they should’ve done the following:

1. Paid for the taxis to report the theft

2. Checked in on us intermittently and updated us as to what actions they are taking. For instance, have they reported this to head office and if they are doing an internal review.

3. Conduct an internal review. This should involve speaking with all staff members to see if they spotted any distrustful activity between the hours of when the theft took place. After all, with no CCTV we are left with little else. It also should serve to rule out whether staff members were involved – this is a natural first suspicion of course and steps should be taken to ensure this is ruled out…I should add that when I mentioned a staff member perhaps carrying out the offence, Francisco got very defensive and said that he trusted his staff….that’s not the point Francisco!!! You should regardless treat this objectively and put personal work relationships aside; after all a paying guest has been burgled!!

Has anything to the above happened?! Your guess is as good as mine…

I should also add that they tried to get to the safe but to no avail, thankfully.

If you’ve had the patience to read all of this review then I urge you to reconsider staying here. We’ve spent the last night or so not being able to sleep in fear they might break in during the night whilst we are there (I’m just grateful we weren’t there when it happened or by the pool).

I would certainly not stay here, NEVER…EVER!

Also, avoid Onagrup hotels. If their approach here at this hotel is anything to go by then I suspect it will be the same elsewhere. Due to most guests paying timeshares they know they have them locked in for money so customer care obviously not a priority.

Lastly, I apologise for any typographical errors in the post above but rather difficult to check on a phone!