Anfi Resorts - Club Gran Anfi

Anfi Resorts – Club Gran Anfi

Calle Anfi del Mar, 33A, 35129 Mogán, Las Palmas, Spain

Beware of the disgraceful scam

We were unfortunately drawn into experiencing the facilities at Gran Anfi while walking along the beach at San Agustin. We were given free transport to the complex where we were wined and dined and talked into viewing apartments which they claimed were available as timeshares. We were even offered an unconditional free upgrade from our existing hotel to enable us to take in all that was on offer. Given that we were disappointed with our cockroach-infested 4 star hotel in San Agustin we felt this was an offer we couldn’t refuse.

They duly arranged free transport back to our hotel to collect our baggage and returned us to Club Anfi where they booked us into a luxury 2 bedroom apartment. We must say the apartments were spectacular all with sea views and well appointed.

It was over the next couple of days we were rigorously pursued with the offer to take a timeshare on one of these apartments. Having given some considerable thought to the offer given which included the facility to change for a nominal fee to various other locations throughout the world, we agreed to take the option. After champagne celebrations, we were taken to the verification office where we were bombarded with numerous documents all requiring signature. We were reminded that there was a cooling off period of 14 days so as we had been with them for some 5 hours we agreed to sign all of the documents. First bad mistake.

It was only on returning to our apartment and trawling through the voluminous documents that it became quite clear that this was not a normal timeshare scheme where a number of people own a property, have specific access to it and are obliged to maintain it. We had in fact signed up for no more than membership to the Club Anfi which gave us no rights or ownership to any property whatsoever. not only that but it was quite clear that the property owners had very cleverly removed themselves from any specific involvement in the agreement to purchase this membership.

The final blow was when I discovered that we had signed for a charge for the free upgrade we had been offered and which the payment I had given as a deposit on “the timeshare” had been used against. When I took this up with the verification officer I was told that they had to do this because some people take the free upgrade and then cancel the agreement. When we told them we were offered the upgrade for free and unconditional, they said the monies would be refunded against the purchase of the timeshare when confirmed. We informed them that in accordance with their own documentation this was in breach of Spanish law which forbids taking deposits. They then said this was the only way they could do it.

I informed them we would report the matter to the Spanish Authorities which we have done.

So, in summary, BE AWARE OF ANY FREE OFFER THEY MAKE because you will pay for it in the end.