Anfi Beach Club

Anfi Beach Club

Do Not go to this resort its a rip off timeshare

Got pressured from Anfi group reps/touts in Gran Canaria and fell for a so-called no commitment pressured free tour to the resort for max 2hrs but ended up there all day

They show you the full place and all rooms which are nice to be fair, it has a few shops and a couple of bars if you want entertainment all these places including bars, restaurants all permit smoking inside which is a joke for non-smokers and the entertainment stops about 10 pm. Don’t be fooled by the glamour, just ask the people who have signed their lives away and nobody seems to smile whilst we were tricked into the same deal and left our original resort in Puerto Rico in an ideal spot for this remote spot where it is a taxi each night back to town for some normality and the shop prices are not the same, as you will find out

This is a growing complex and building goes on all day plus these slimy reps are walking about from Monday to Friday every week showing vulnerable investors/time sharers around.

Not much choice for food and you have to pay for sun loungers on this private complex.

The rooms are great but we had gnats/bugs all over the worktops and the sink waste had fallen off when I washed a cup out, which is simple maintenance.

We stayed in room 809 8th floor. They attended the bug scenario but it did not cure the problem.

The views over the resort are stunning but what’s the point of looking at a palm tree that is supposed to be David Silvas place because I’m a Utd fan anyhow.

When you leave and its maybe after 10 am you have to vacate your room even if you book the room for extension. They tell you to leave your belongings in the room and move you to ground floor which is the same but you cannot get into the new room till after 1pm, which is a while you have to hope you have no issues, which panicked us a bit.

The worst part is the day you visit as a guest and all the pressured sales and after dangling the carrot and you part with money they then usher you in a taxi back to your original resort, collect your luggage and dump you in a room that will not be the chosen accommodation you want. Then your nightmare begins They still take your money by card and under Spanish law you have the right to cancel within 14 days which you will struggle to get the emails to them as they give you mixed up business cards and incorrect email addresses. I found a website and cancelled with a full letter of complaint asking for a refund but this never happened so in all it cost me £1200 for 5 days and I lost my original planned holiday in Oct 2015.

They should stop these reps/sales people from pushing these scams onto holidaymakers ,they now say there is a new golf resort now underway and don’t acknowledge this is the most miserable resort I have ever been to and I can honestly say I got well and truly conned, please avoid unless you’ve got money to burn.