Timeshare Release - Amadores Beach Club Complaints, Claims & Compensation

Amadores Beach Club


After going last year and having a fairly good time, although, for one rude waiter, we thought we’d spend a few days here over our 10 day trip….not now!

As we weren’t beach ready but hungry we thought we’d pop into the restaurant area for food and some drinks. The waitress was really friendly and useful and all seemed well. We ordered fajitas and a club sandwich which arrived quickly and a couple of daiquiris which the waitress was happy to give me some pointers on how to make back home as mine wasn’t tasting as good as hers.

After finishing our meal and drink we looked around for the friendly waitress to order some more drinks but she seemed to have finished her shift or gone for lunch.

This, unfortunately, has to lead us not to be going back there for who should come and serve us but the rude waiter from last year. Now we can value people having an off day but its clear this guy’s normal demeanour but if you don’t like being a waiter don’t do the job, simple.

This tanned guy with groomed beard and eyebrows curtly took our order and came back with the drink and went off without a word with an air of contempt about him.

On trying the daiquiri something wasn’t right so we called the waiter over to ask if hed made the wrong drink to which he said ‘no’ but I said ‘it wasn’t like the last one’ to which he said ‘maybe she used a different rum’ and walked away.

Now at this point, I’m completely astounded at the sheer lack of service so I thought for €12 id try and finish the drink and leave but it was undrinkable and after stirring it about a bit I noticed huge clumps of sugar in it which would explain the highly sweet, passionfruit taste of it.

So we just left the drink and exited the establishment, never to return as with many of the bad reviews I think its the same waiter who is the problem every time and the only reason i can think he hasn’t been sacked is because he is a relative of the clubs ‘famous owner’