Timeshare Release - Akeld Manor Complaints, Claims & Compensation



This is not a resort.

It is more like an abandoned living area with huge spiders and cobwebs all over the place, including by your bedside and the entrance to your cottage !

While the sheets and towels were in an acceptable condition, there seemed to have been no attention given to the exteriors of the cottage so one felt like you were entering a haunted house requiring to dust away the cobwebs before turning the key to enter.

There is practically no trace of humans in this resort. You have to hunt for the single staff on duty during duty hours and god help you if you are unwell or in any other emergency ! you cannot expect an iota of assistance or information.

A day before we were to check-out, the manager opened the cottage door with her key and barged in without even so much as knocking on the door. We were taken aback and were now convinced that this place was also unsafe (there is no safety locking system inside the cottage so anyone with a key can just walk in like the manager did) She asked why we hadn’t checked out as yet even though the resort had information that we would be checking out the next day ! She then left without even so much as an apology.

We stayed out of the resort most of the time – returned only to sleep.

We explored the charming English villages in the surrounding area and truly enjoyed the rural scenery.

There is not much more to do if you stay in this spooky resort which is also at least an hour away from any other town or village with rare public transport.

Definitely wouldn’t recommend it for families with children – they would be dead bored and disappointed.