Timeshare sales presentations are one of the main ways that resorts attract customers in to buying a timeshare and from there it is usually a downward spiral of high maintenance fees and other costly problems until it seems almost impossible to cancel your timeshare contract.

Many timeshare presentations start in the same way, representatives of the resorts meet you at your hotel and whisk you off to a luxurious resort. There you can enjoy a wonderful breakfast accompanied by stunning views.

To hook you into the presentation the company will usually offer you a complimentary activity during the day anything from ATV riding, zip lining or parasailing. This is one of the few benefits that you can enjoy on these presentations, so take full advantage of them. These are great offers to experience some memorable activities.

But then comes the high-pressure sales presentation. This will usually take two-three hours and will be geared around pushing you and other holidaymakers into buying a timeshare . This is usually where many people crumble, they cave into the pressure and feel obliged to taking on a timeshare after the free breakfast and activities.

If you don’t wish to endure this intense sales presentation, have your breakfast, enjoy your free activity and say “thanks but no thanks.”

The sales representative is giving you the hard-sell and he will do anything to get you to sign that contract. They will make the resort sound like the most amazing place on earth, there will be no downsides to buying a timeshare at this resort (but we know there will be).

If you are seriously tempted by buying a timeshare , then do thorough research. Check the resort, read reviews and more importantly check how the laws regarding timeshares work in that country. Only once you have all this information should you make your final decision.

Remember once you’ve signed that contract it can be very difficult to get out of it and the financial implications could be huge.

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