It has recently come to our attention that David Cox of TESS, who operates a similar timeshare termination service to Praetorian Legal, has published serious defamatory material upon TESS’ website, about Praetorian Legal and its Directors.

It should be known that David Cox was formerly the owner of Timeshare Consumer Association, a supposedly free consumer resource.  He was the contributor of many very poorly written posts, where he sought to critique many people and companies in timeshare.  These posts were created from Cox’s own opinions. However, no right of reply existed and he has had free reign to publish defamatory material unchallenged. Until now.

To gain some real perspective as to what Cox’s real agenda is, please take a look at the link below, which is a well-written and composed website, exposing him for what he is.  His style of gaining himself business is to attack others and discredit them.  He does little or no marketing of his services, as he considers defamatory blogs is the way to gain people’s trust and, more importantly, their business.  We also believe that Cox charges for his services up-front, unlike ourselves. Praetorian Legal never asks for money upfront. Ever.

This is the link referred to above:

Within the site, it lays doubt to TESS and Cox’s claims about their service and suggests that there may be disgruntled clients who have not received the service promised by TESS and Cox.

David Cox (Tess) & Trading Standards Lancashire

If this is the case with yourself, please do let us know and we will assist you in reporting TESS to Lancashire Trading Standards.  We are not interested in taking money from you for claims or offering you our services. We are simply interested in helping you to get your complaint(s) heard.

Finally, we would like to bring the following article to your attention. This was written by Cox, during his time as owner operator of Timeshare Consumer Association.  He came to Praetorian Legal and carried out, what he termed as, due diligence on Praetorian Legal. This is what he wrote about Praetorian Legal within an article named ‘Oh No It’s The RDO’, having satisfied himself that Praetorian Legal were a reputable company.  The following quote can be found in the link below.

‘Praetorian Legal is a small and effective paralegal company who operate in Birmingham and is headed up by a seasoned campaigner and pursuer of consumer disputes and compensation. They are successful, solvent and no stranger to standing up to large industry dons and bullies. They have in the past been effective in helping the underdog against the greedy conglomerates. Indeed they were one of the first ever legal services companies to undertake bank charge reclaims (2005), PPI claims and one of the first companies to be registered by the MOJ to conduct Personal Injury claims management.

They operate within the legal profession and challenging the murky world of timeshare. That said Praetorian Legal has never sold timeshare, are not in the timeshare industry and are nothing to do with the RDO’ – David Cox

Link to Timeshare Consumer Association article:

So what has changed Cox’s opinion of us?  Nothing, save for the fact that he now carries out his business (TESS) for gain, we are a competitor and his marketing tactics are to simply discredit his competitors, whether true or not.

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