Gary Smith


I am Gary Smith the Legal Director and Chief Executive of Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Limited.  I understand the challenges timeshare owners face when considering terminating your timeshare agreement.  I also understand that you may have entered into termination agreements previously and lost money. In an industry full of false promises and unscrupulous operators you are right to be cautious.

My pledge to you, as a timeshare owner desperately seeking a reliable termination solution, is this:

If you are serious about wanting to end your timeshare nightmare, my company can provide you with the termination solution you want; guaranteed.

I want you to know you have made the right choice and that you will never need to seek assistance again having instructed Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Limited.  I invite you to come and see our operation in action; you are invited to come and see me; the Chief Executive of the company.  I am legally trained and qualified with 17+ years litigation experience. I am not a sales person nor are any of my staff.  You will not be subject to any selling presentation, you will not be asked to part with any money whatsoever nor will you be asked to sign any documentation on the day of your visit.  Any documentation will be sent to you after your visit but ONLY if you express an interest in using our services; if you don’t there is no obligation whatsoever to use us.

We are authorised and regulated under the Claims Management Regulator the Ministry of Justice so you will never receive a cold call or unsolicited approach from Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Limited, cold calling is strictly prohibited under our authorisation.  We only work with our own opted in data sources from incoming enquiries from our internet and Social Media campaigns.

If you choose to visit us, you will be attending a working office where you can see the operation for yourself.  You will be invited to talk to our staff if you so wish and you will be able peruse our many hundreds of testimonials that stretch back over our four years of trading up until the week you are attending.  Almost everyone who provides testimonials to us agree to talk to our new clients, you will be able choose as many testimonials as you wish at random and we will arrange contact with your chosen people who have already used our services.

As one of our past clients described us Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Limited are a shining light in an otherwise very dark and dismal industry’.

We hope that you will take us up on our offer and we look forward to serving you in the very near future.

Gary Smith

Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Limited CEO